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Professional athletes in every sport rely on chiropractic care to stay in peak physical condition so their athletic performance remains at the highest level. Aaron Rodgers, Vernon Davis, Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth all view chiropractic as an essential part of their overall health and wellness routines.  Most NFL teams employ on-staff chiropractors. So do 72 percent of PGA golfers and the majority of NBA, MLB and NHL teams, even Cirque de Soleil! For decades, world-class athletes have used chiropractic on a regular basis to prevent injuries and to improve their performance.

Many of our weightlifters/powerlifters experience immediate strength gains because they are maximizing their biomechanics.  Runners who are properly adjusted will have a truer stride (their feet do not track outward instead of forward).  This increases the distance covered per stride and decreases their times over a race.  When applied to a 10K race, or even a 100-mile race, this can add up to minutes and/ or hours off of a finishing times.

Whether you are a sand volleyball player, a marathon runner, a golfer or a gym nut, your training creates impact on your body, which in turn affects biomechanics.  Regular chiropractic care complements your training by relieving strain, returning flexibility, maintaining joint stability and thus prevents many common athletic injuries.

Whether you are a sand volleyball player, a marathon schedule an appointment with Dr. Zuber today to stay at peak physical performance.

These athletes stay at peak performance with regular chiropractic care from FightDoc, Frisco’s sports chiropractor.

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Weekend warriors to world-class champs utilize Chiropractic because it is a drug-free way to achieve better health and performance.

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As a world class athlete himself, Dr. Zuber has a unique understanding and personal approach to treating sports musculoskeletal injuries and has over 20 years of experience taking care of professional, recreational and competitive athletes.