Athletic Injuries

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Athletic injuries can happen suddenly (with impact) or gradually over time. When an athlete is injured, his or her body tries to protect itself with muscle spams and inflammation. This increases the time it takes for the athlete to heal fully and get back on the field.  When an injury first occurs, making sure the joint is as functional as possible helps reduce swelling, and allows soft tissues to start to heal in the best possible position.

Frisco Sports Performance Chiropractor

As a sports chiropractor, Dr. Zuber is skilled in biomechanics, fascial restrictions and joint restoration.  These types of treatments address an injury from all angles, speeding up the healing time.   Commonly, with modifications, an athlete can usually remain in their activity while healing.  Kinesiotape can help support the area, and as an added bonus, helps open lymph channels to give the fluid somewhere to go.

As the injury heals, adding exercises to strengthen the injury speeds up its ability to return to full strength and is the final piece to “staying in the fight”.

Common Sports Injuries

Common injuries we see from our patient athletes include low back pain, neck pain, pain radiating into an extremity, jiu-jitsu elbow, shoulder impingements, and of course, every sprained joint possible. We strive to keep you on the mat, in the field, on the track. If you are injured, we will treat you promptly and work with you to modify your training regimen so you can train around your injury whenever possible.

Even better, ongoing sports chiropractic care can prevent a significant amount of these injuries and optimize performance. Read more about how chiropractic care affects sports performance.

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